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Some days…

We have a saying some days are diamonds…. but then one should say if it’s not such a good day…..some are coal. Such a frustrating day – not having done what I would have like to have done but always something to be thankful for.
I was 25% away with my next painting on a “used” canvas which I am already re-using and then decided against the reference material….the light is not what I would have liked it to be in the reference material and because it is of the woods I am so fond of I cannot go walking there at the moment….. not for new reference material or working plein air as I am just not able to walk there alone…. I might just slip and that would be no good to anybody.
ANYWAY, so I did go back to other reference material of the same day just half an hour later…… and there were sun streaks across the image….. and I thought there you go …..this is the one.
Soooooo re-starting tomorrow.
Hopefully I won’t change my mind again….when I have done the painting I will show the starting reference material and I think most people will understand what I mean.
SO, just cleaning brushes after supper. It’s winter here and at 3.30 / 4 in the afternoon it is pitch black dark outside! 🙂 That is England. I love it.


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