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For the past few months I have tried to teach artists starting on their creative journey and other more accomplished artists to learn new techniques, and explore new mediums.
I love teaching and although I have a teaching diploma I never taught adults.

It gives me so much pleasure to see how artists grow and develop in the few sessions they are doing with me. I hope to encourage them to work on their own and get their “art wings” and fly.

Soft Pastels:
Artists are exposed to various types of paper and pastels from various suppliers to realize how much the paper and pastel and the quality of materials really matters when you do artwork. All art materials are definitely not created equally and I try and get them to experience just that….we start with paper and charcoal and embroider onto that with various organic forms and developed that to show how 3dimentionality is created etc.

Acrylic paints:
Artists again is introduced to the acrylic medium which dries quick and sometimes loose strength of colour expecially when the paint is mixed with white most of the time. Artists are shown how to “prime” the canvas and get the chance to work on both a canvas sheet and a stretched canvas to develop brush skills and colour mixing as a preparation for doing OIL PAINTING.

Oil paints:
Both water soluble oils and traditional oils are taught. For the basic course introducing oil paints, the traditional paints are used – studio safety, brush types, mediums and so forth are introduced and explained. It is carried over to the “next-level” course where artists use the mediums and work in layers opposed to the “a la prima” way of working in the introductory course.

Again artists work on stretched canvas as well as different sizes…going up in size as they grow more comfortable with the medium.


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