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It’s when you start a new painting that the doubt, the anxiety and the lack of confidence grabs you… I think most artists have this problem and so do I but as soon as I start covering the canvas I seem to be so excited that sometimes it’s hard to breathe and I really just want to continue with my vision of what I want to do…

I began a series of forest paintings….somewhere between them will be one that I was commissioned but I think it wiser to do the series and let the client choose… I really appreciate the commission at this stage because it let me think in a more productive way amidst the “pandemic” and all it entails for us all….and it made me start with this project which has been in my mind for so very long….actually since we have been living here in this idyllic spot in England. I so love sharing it with my friends and just everybody…. how fortunate I am. Grace is abundant.

I will share the development of the painting here…. so that you might understand my thought process and perhaps how much goes into a painting… anyway, for me it’s now the excitement and the joy that lies in the unfolding of the subject…. from the blank primed canvas to the blocking of colours….. day 1-7 I am THINKING about it – looking at the painting often …. will take a day or two to decide if it is really done…. I love the autumn in the UK never thought I would….


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