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And @ my online art foundation sessions…

On Friday we had an online art class and the two artists were keen to try something new…this time it was painting with a bit of red wine. The artists had a few minutes to plot the portrait in pencil and then had to do the lights and darks with the wine and a bit of water and a soft brush… although this was only an excercise I am as always astounded at the results they come up with….

It really is a privilege to be involved in helping the artists unlock their creativity….

The first two used the same reference and the last one another…. different strokes, different artists…. I am always amazed at the outcome… it was a quick 15 minute excercise + 10 minute drawing before… just love it. Looking forward to the next session when we continue with our art adventures.
PERHAPS something to view if you have time.

In the meantime another artist who I only gave the key to the door of creativity is producing amazing work – and loving the process. I post a few of her recent works here.

Liezl Hesketh – after 4 individual sessions and some advice now and again she is now working on her own….


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