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Late night pondering…

There is so much to think about at the moment… the world is in shambles, people are people and some are only looking out for themselves…it’s late in the evening and another day with a pandemic but still I believe there’s beauty to be found in people, places – nature and Creation as such.

How can we not believe there is more and better to come. Spring is around the corner and is heralded by the snowdrops along the road and at the side of the driveway…. there is a cold wind blowing just to breathe the last of the winter air into our bones….

I have an opportunity to exhibit in September and I think I should grab onto it and paint to my heart’s content… it begins tomorrow… I have gathered a few inspirational images…. and there are so many to choose from…. I have inspiring students and am in awe of their talent and perseverance and attitude towards life and creativity. I hope to extend my art sessions with artists to teach them the fundamentals and guide them on their chosen artistic path… I love helping them. I BREATHE! I AM GRATEFUL!


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