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A long long absence…

It did not seem so long ago I was preparing to have an exhibition in Bollington, and Covid, etc etc… When I opened my blog page this morning I was a wee bit shocked… however, I am back…. My muse went for a long wander but I am back and my muse is here… we are however battling to work through masses of reference material I want to work with…. but, I am creative again.

I also tweaked my website a bit last night… and low and behold it might change again, but this far I am more or less happy…. will see how long the happiness lasts… easy enough to change though.

No walk through the woods today the weather is foul, but lots of preparation to do with a watercolour class coming up and other preparatory stuff for a class next week.

Love life, miss my people, miss the africa sun, but love UK.


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