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A few months ago during summer I tried to paint the waterlillies (without flowers) I took photo’s of at Dunham Massey – however, it ended up as a still uncomplete layered abstract work….. I love the feel of it – and decided that it will be part of EXPLORING and the EXPLORE EXHIBITION in February.
It is a bit larger than the newest attempt and I really loved doing it….. but back to the current painting….

I did it in layers and yesterday the top (waterlillie leaves) layer was applied….however I wasn’t happy about the layout of the painting and changed it after a restless sleep last night – worrying about the painting…. (can you believe it).

Therefore the painting is shown in various photo’s – showing the path I took….. and then the last layer is drying so that I can add another layer on top right and fix something bottom right…. THEN it will be DONE!

TOMORROW – I will start with a bit of “woods” – I am super excited.


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