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For the last few months since April 2019 I have been living in a cottage in a small town called Henbury in Cheshire…. a village which is part of Macclesfield near Manchester UK. I love the English countryside and is in awe of the ancient trees in the woods surrounding our home.
I am so very privileged as to be able to walk in a wood almost at the back door and love walking with our landlady’s dog, Pepper, a pitch black labrador who is such a personality….. temperamental – a real lady.

And now I have the opportunity to start working on an exhibition for Bollington arts centre….. I am a little scared, very excited and also so very thankful that this opportunity came my way.
I am gathering ideas, though the main idea/theme I have almost down to the letter…… it will be green (what else) but in a different sort of way I think……

Will have to keep on blogging…… to keep people informed.


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