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muse/not to muse

Constantly living your life with eyes wide open and senses at alert comes as part of being an artist…. but sometimes these factors are not only to one’s advantage but at your detriment….. It is when I am in a whirlpool of emotions, experiences, feelings that I must really focus to steer ahead  and find my artist’s north so to speak…..and to continue the “work” bit of being an artist.

It is to my knowledge and opinion quite sincere and hard work which makes an artist. The fictionary MUSE is not always present and even if she is she needs constant feeding …. experiences, input and ideas to make things make sense and to complete the process of producing meaningful art…. it is in my quest for this that I walk, experience new and exciting places (or old and exciting ones) and feel free ….. free to speak, feel, walk, think, experience….. to be.


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